You have dreamed of it, that magical moment when you and your horse (or your students\ and their horse) start communicating at levels that are beyond words. It is a harmony that is easy for anyone to see or feel.  Now you can discover the secret to your success with the proven Horse and Rider Awareness techniques that have been tested on 1000's of riders and used in riding instructor training programs. 

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Now your dreams can come true! Randi offers both private and group lessons, clinics, instructor training, business and marketing consultations for your horse business, and more. Customized programs to fit your needs! Worldwide!

With almost four decades of experience coaching professional riding instructors and horse trainers, Randi knows what you are looking for and has the experience to show you the steps to get to where you want to be. The Horse and Rider Awareness programs will show you how to become more aware of how your riding position and reactions affect your horse's balance and responses. You will learn a step by step process that works even with challenging horses and riders. 1000’s of horses and riders have benefited and you can too!

Lessons and Clinics: Randi offers a multitude of lessons and clinics! There are group and private options available that include: riding lessons, teaching techniques and online virtual training sessions. Explore the options available to best choose the one that fits your needs. Take advantage of Randi's expertise and book your sessions today!

Speaking Engagements: Randi is a featured speaker at the largest equestrian trade shows in the world. She is available to come speak at your event! Listen to decades of experience and motivation from a woman so present in the industry. Would you like a nationally known speaker at your     event? Contact Randi for more information.

Consulting/Expert Witness: Consulting/Expert Witness: With 4 decades of experience as a professional in the horse world, Randi is the perfect choice to assist as an expert legal consultant or witness for a variety of litigation. Horse and equestrian personal injury, horse and stable management, horse competition, are just some of the areas that Randi can assist in. Contact Randi here


Randi is the founder and host of Movers and Shakers of the Horse World, and the Dressage Instructors and Jumping Instructors  programs.  Check them out under Riding Instructors 

Randi Thompson, a pillar in the horse community, offers a multitude of services to fit your individual needs. Take advantage of her experience and expertise to be more successful in your career, develop a stronger relationship with your horse, or to simply gain more knowledge for your what ever you are doing in the horse world. Sign up for lessons today or contact Randi to find out how she can make a difference for you!

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Randi Thompson founded the Dressage Instructors and Jumping Instructors Programs  2016 


                                                        Randi Thompson  Speaker at the 2016 Certified Horsemanship Association International Conference


Randi Thompson awarded the coveted “Master Instructor” for the Certified Horsemanship Association English, Jumping, Western. July 17th 2016



The 2015 International Society of Rider Biomechanics Teaching Training Symposium featured Randi Thompson 




Randi Thompson 2015 International Equestrian Trailblazer





Randi Thompson was honored with being chosen as a 2015 International Equestrian Trailblazer! This honor is for those in the equestrian world who have contributed greatly and make an impact in the horse industry all over the world. Watch Randi\'s interview HERE.




Randi Thompson featured in Sidelines April 2014

Read the Sidelines feature on Randi here

In April 2015, Randi Thompson was featured in the popular equestrian publication, Sidelines. Would you like to feature Randi in your publication? Contact her today!


In the Spotlight



Susan Faulkner Evans on Darrien. USDF Region 1 Championships, Intermediate 1. 3rd place. Check out their winning ride here: Region Champions. Susan and Darrien



Susan Faulkner Evans and Beau. USDF Region Champions. 2nd level. 8th place. (This was their 6th show showing at 2nd level!) Check out their winning ride: Region Championships. Susan and Beau



Congratulations to Susan Faulkner Evans and Mission Point USDF Dressage Finals 2013 AA Training Level Championship. 4th place 70.20 percent (under 3 judges)

Check out their winning USDF Finals ride by clicking



Camille Beatty Regional Winner


This is Camille Beatty who rides Marco Polo. In their first year of Dressage competition they competed at the USDF Region 1 Championships. They came in 2nd for the Junior Rider Equitation and 3rd Place at the Junior Rider Training Level Championship Class.

Check out their winning Regional ride by clicking