Horse and Rider Awareness Programs


We have all dreamed of that magical relationship with a horse - a partnership and connection that inspires and challenges each of us to become more aware of ourselves and the horses in our lives. Now your dreams can come true with the proven tips, techniques and tools that are featured in the highly acclaimed Horse and Rider Awareness® programs.

Rider Awareness


Randi has been coaching professional riding instructors for almost three decades.  During that time she has created teaching and horse training technques that have been tested on 1000's of horses and riders.  Now you can discover the secrets that she has to share! 



Now you can discover Horse and Rider Awareness techniques that include:  


  • The amazing “Barrel horse” exercises that will help you (or your students) to feel and maintain the correct balanced riding position from your head to your toes!
  • Communication from both ends of the reins.  It's all about the "connection"
  • The magic of finding that perfect upper body position and balance.
  • Finding your seat position—forever!
  • Miraculous ways to keep your leg in the proper position


Horse Awareness


Next, you will learn the science of the horse with practical horse awareness exercises that will teach you how the horse thinks and reacts in training situations. You will discover new, exciting ways to build confidence and trust with a horse as it becomes more comfortable to ride and easier to influence.

  • Communication with the horse through the reins from the ground and from the saddle.
  • Getting the horse in front of your aids—in front of your legs. Keeping its attention!
  • Easy ways to feel if your horse is in balance and self carriage
  • The “Magic Squares” and other fantastic Horse and Rider Awareness exercises.
  • Connecting with your horse as easy as one-two-three!
  • Proven training techniques that have been used with horses and riders of all levels.



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Meet Randi at the 2018 Pennsylvania Horse World Expo.  March 1st - 4th 





 Randi was a speaker at The 2107 Certified Horsemanship Assn. International Instructors Conference,  Kentucky Horse Park.



 The 2017 Dressage Instructors Seminar.  Hosted by the Tryon International Equestrian Center



 In 2016 Randi Thompson founded the Dressage Instructors Programs


and the Jumping Instructors Programs 


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 Randi Thompson earned the coveted "Master Instructor and Clinician" from the Certified Horsemanship Association (English/Jumping/Western)  July 17th, 2016


  The 2015 International Society of Rider Biomechanics Teaching Training Symposium featured Randi Thompson 



 2015 International Equestrian Trailblazer


 Randi Thompson was honored by being selected as a 2015 International Equestrian Trailblazer.  This honor is for those in the horse world who have contributed greatly and make and impact on the horse industry all over the world.  Watch Randi\'s interview here


Randi Thompson featured in Sidelines April 2014


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In the Spotlight 

Susan Faulkner Evans and Darrien.  USDF Region 1 AA Intermediate 1 Championships





Watch here



 Susan Faulkner Evans and Mission Point (Beau)  USDF National and Regional Winners


2013 USDF Dressage Finals. AA Training Level Championship.  70.20 %  4th of of 24 Regional Champions from around the USA

Watch here



Camille Beatty USDF Regional Winner


This is Camille Beatty riding Marco Polo. In their first year of Dressage competition they competed at the USDF Region 1 Championships. They came in 2nd for the Junior Rider Equitation and 3rd Place at the Junior Rider Training Level Championship Class.