Horse and Rider Awareness Pricing

Now you can experience Randi's simple, yet amazing “Horse and Rider Awareness” exercises that will connect you with your horse quickly and safely.

Discover proven techniques that have been tested and proven to work on 1000's of riding instructors, horse trainers, students, and horses.

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Horse and Rider Awareness video sessions.

Tryon NC and Asheville NC Horse and Rider Training

AndreaPrivate and Group Sessions

Cost per session: Private: $125 per session. Package of 5 now $500 (Prepaid)

Semi-Private (2 rider/horses): $75 per combo. Save now with a Package of 4 sessions for only $275 (Prepaid).

Group (3-5 rider/horse combos/you create your group): $50 per rider/horse combo. Package of 6 now only $250 (Prepaid).

 All riders are required to sign an Equine Liality Release From and wear and approved ATSM

Horse Training

Would you like a horse that is more comfortable to ride and easier to influence?

Now you can enjoy the benefits of having Randi school or train your horse at your location. (No longer accepting "green" horses or those with serious behavioral issues)

$85 per session

"The way you interact with your students is wonderful. You really celebrate the smallest success, and your feedback is positive and empathic. It's like you haven't forgotten what it's like to be a beginner (or a "returner"), you remember what it FEELS like, and that kind of sensitivity is -- unfortunately -- not too common in the horse world. It goes a long way toward increasing your student's motivation to succeed!"

C. Johnson

Improve Your Riding and Coaching Skills from your computer!

All you need is a video. This online session will be recorded and includes my time reviewing your video and 1 session online coaching with Randi.

Quick Fix (1) One Virtual session Now $125.

Invest in Your Success (5) Five Virtual Sessions $500 (Prepaid)


"I am so thankful to have access to you, even from California! I found you on Youtube where I was looking for an online trainer who could help me think through various dressage movements as I ride. Your insights helped us to become the Reserve Champion AA 1st level in our Regional Championships! You are also the only trainer who shares videos of real riders and their horses. Even better, you have shared their training progress weekly with us so we can see what you are doing and the results. Thanks to social media, you also are accessible and approachable on a daily basis to answer questions. Not only that but you are affordable and super duper nice with a lovely voice! You remind me of Mary Poppins! You are awesome!"

S. Suelzle and Klove

Are You a Horse Professional? Would You Like to Be Re Inspired as You Update Your Coaching or Horse Training Skills?

"Randi is known as a “trainer’s trainer.” She has been coaching professional riding instructors, coaches and trainers in the horse industry for over 20 years and will take you to your next level of success. Her Horse and Rider Awareness technique has been shared with instructors and trainers from around the world who are coaching dressage, hunter/jumpers, and specialty breeds. Contact her today to update your teaching and training skills. (Online or with personal coaching at your facility)

I have found that with riding and training that there are methods that work for beginners and those that work with intermediate or advanced riders but very rarely with all three, until now. What fascinates me the most about Horse and Rider Awareness® training is how well it works on riders, and horses, of all levels. Having a process helps and understanding how to work through the issues that come up make such a big difference in training of the horse and rider. Now I have a more effective way to teach both my hunter and dressage students and take them to the next level"

 J. Gagnaire

Do You Enjoy Showing Dressage? Now you can be one of "Randi’s Riders" and Ride Forward with Us into Your Success. National and Regional USDF winners

We love to show! This year we will be adding a few schooling shows. Our main focus is on the rated USDF shows so our riders can qualify for the Regionals and the USDF Finals. Would you like to be in the winner’s circle? Randi has riders currently competing and winning from Training Level to Intermediate 1.

Check out some of our recent awards on the right side of this page. We have limited opening for our 2015 dressage show team. Applications now being excepted.

Show Rates

You compete on your horse.

$75 per day per horse. (up to 2 classes)

Let Randi compete your horse

$100 per day (up to two classes on show days)

Randi’s show expenses (hotel, food)

To be divided among those who are competing at that show.
You will be responsible for the stall care, braiding, and care of your horse.
We will also bring a groom with to shows for those who would like to share that expense.


Are you looking for a horse to compete with? I will help you find the horse of your dreams!

10% commission on the purchase price or sale price of any horse that is purchased or sold. If your horse is in training with me to be sold, regardless of who finds the buyer (including other professionals) there will still be a 10% commission of the gross sale.

Please go to the Contact page to reach Randi.


Horse Business Owners

Business Consultations for Riding Instructors and Horse Trainers. Custom designed for your business. Can be a combination of training and teaching techniques, marketing consultations, etc. Six (6) hours at $1200 plus expenses.


Horse Facility or Trail Ride Operation Analysis

This is for those who have barns or horse facilities that are open to customers. Randi will personally check out your horse business from the entrance to your office. She will pinpoint the solutions to existing problems and offer suggestions. This includes: 1) Office and stable procedures. 2) Minimizing liability and risks. 3) Emergency procedures. 4) Whatever you need. 6 hours at $1200 plus expenses.

Please go to the Contact page to reach Randi.


Clinics, Tradeshow Presentations and Speaking, Horse Expert Consultant and Witness

Horse and Rider Awareness® 2-day programs: $595 per person plus expenses.

Workshops, Tradeshows etc.: $1500 per day plus expenses, booth and PR.

Horse Industry Expert Consultant and Witness: Inquire for rates.

Please go to the Contact page to reach Randi.

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Upcoming events where you can meet Randi

The 2017 Dressage Instructors Seminar,  Sept 12-15th 2017




The 2017 Dressage Instructors Seminar will be hosted by the Tryon International Equestrian Center, home of the 2018 World Equestrian Games. For more information contact Barbro at 831-596-4999


The 2017  Certified Horsemanship Association International Conference




Randi Thompson founded the Dressage Instructors and Jumping Instructors Programs 2016. Click on the links to go to our Facebook pages                                                                                          


Randi Thompson  Speaker at the 2016 Certified Horsemanship Association International Conference


 Randi Thompson awarded the coveted “Master Instructor” for the Certified Horsemanship Association English, Jumping, Western. July 17th 2016



The 2015 International Society of Rider Biomechanics Teaching Training Symposium featured Randi Thompson 




Randi Thompson 2015 International Equestrian Trailblazer





Randi Thompson was honored with being chosen as a 2015 International Equestrian Trailblazer! This honor is for those in the equestrian world who have contributed greatly and make an impact in the horse industry all over the world. Watch Randi\'s interview HERE.




Randi Thompson featured in Sidelines April 2014

Read the Sidelines feature on Randi here

In April 2015, Randi Thompson was featured in the popular equestrian publication, Sidelines. Would you like to feature Randi in your publication? Contact her today!


In the Spotlight



Susan Faulkner Evans on Darrien. USDF Region 1 Championships, Intermediate 1. 3rd place. Check out their winning ride here: Region Champions. Susan and Darrien



Susan Faulkner Evans and Beau. USDF Region Champions. 2nd level. 8th place. (This was their 6th show showing at 2nd level!) Check out their winning ride: Region Championships. Susan and Beau



Congratulations to Susan Faulkner Evans and Mission Point USDF Dressage Finals 2013 AA Training Level Championship. 4th place 70.20 percent (under 3 judges)

Check out their winning USDF Finals ride by clicking



Camille Beatty Regional Winner


This is Camille Beatty who rides Marco Polo. In their first year of Dressage competition they competed at the USDF Region 1 Championships. They came in 2nd for the Junior Rider Equitation and 3rd Place at the Junior Rider Training Level Championship Class.

Check out their winning Regional ride by clicking